Audience Of One

This world is lonely enough, just know that you never have to walk this earth alone; For I will walk with you and let you know that this too, shall pass.

The truth about the voices inside your head.



There is a world inside my head. It is just like earth. Only bad. In my world there is darkness. Darkness that will never leave. You cannot see a blue sky. Because colours do not exist. This world is made from sadness. Trees have no…

“I’m not sure which is worse: intense feeling, or the absence of it.”

—   Margaret Atwood  (via wordsnquotes)

(via wordsnquotes)


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“No matter how much you tell me you love me, a big part of me is sitting waiting on being abandoned all over again.”


Yay for the constant fear that you’re going to drive your partner away with your mental illness

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“Loving you was not red. Loving you was deep purple, like the bruises you left on my heart. It was pink and blue like all of those sleeping pills I swallowed so I could maybe forget your name. It was clear like those gallons of alcohol I chugged so maybe, if I got lucky, I may even forget who I was. It was black and white like the words that I’ve poured from my soul straight on to the paper. The only time that loving you ever came close to red was when I would etch tally mark after tally mark into my skin in permanent proof of every time you hurt me. Loving you was never fucking red, because you were always the deepest of grays and you destroyed my world of vibrant colors.”

—   (via similiesandmetaphors)

This is beautiful. 😻

Lithium Soliloquy



I am seventeen feet tall.
Hands made of silver,
I am clutching sunrise between my palms.
I am reading books in languages I do not speak.
Morning is limitless and my mind its bastard son.


I am dizzy-drunk
on boxed wine and the pulsing pressure
of this one moment –
8:43 P.M-
in which time…